Hi. I'm Christian Cisneros.

Welcome to my website. I am an Award Winning Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Artist, and Multimedia Specialist based in Austin, Texas.


Learn about what I do

I design and create amazing things.

from movies and television shows to branded logos and digital artwork

Film And Television

I have 10+ years of experience in the film and tv industry as a producer, director, assistant director, and post production supervisor.

Graphic Design

I have 10+ years of Graphic Design experience from logo and branding designs to print and digital advertising design.


My knowlege and expericnece allows me to integrate my two passions to create products that entertain, educate and/or inform

Awesome work makes happy clients.

I enjoy the creative process of digital media. Whether it seeing that final product or working with a satisfied client..

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I would love to speak with you further about your project and show you I can be an asset to your team.
You can also email me directly at ChristianCisnerosProductions_at_gmail_._com